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The country guest house started in 1989, in the circuit of a farm with the opening of a small restaurant were it was possible to sample its own products.

The country guest house is named "Alle Ortensie" as the owner's name is Ortensia. The reputation of the country guest house is as good as its products, expanding its notoriety outside the Region's border day by day, also thanks to Mrs. Ortensia's husband Enzo and their sons Fabio and Massimo.

The Mansion house, reconstructed with style, keeping and improving the traditional Friulian architecture, looks sober and elegant giving to the guest a pleasant atmosphere. The family ambience, refined, but at the same time simple and stylish, makes the guest fill like home.

The country guest house "Alle Ortensie" slogan is " Eat healthy, drink healthy, of course Friulian and..........sleep even better!


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